Dr. Google & Prof. Facebook - who do you trust?

Earlier this year the European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities (ALLEA) warned about the erosion of public trust in science. Huge influence social media has on public opinion and our own decisions can be in some cases dangerous. Lack of trust towards science and professionals reflects on our trust to doctors and environmentalist.

We aim to address this important topic with our first panel.

Our guest Natalija Dedic Plavetic has enormous experience treating patients with breast cancer and not only she is one of leading specialist for this field but is first of all human who provides this so needed magic touch to her patients. We will try to understand how she builds trust with people who are in extreme life situation and how this trust helps her to introduce innovation in treatments.

Together with Natalija, our guest at this panel session will be Davor Vesligaj from UNFCCC. He is tirelessly working with his team on setting up the new global transparency framework system whose main purpose is to track progress on climate actions and build trust among 185 countries that joined the agreement. Building trust in reports on climate change not only from public but different governments is essential for success in joint efforts we need to make in order to save our planet.

Hopefully this panel is going to solve all world problems and we can live happily ever after. 🙂