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QED 2019 Conference will look into trust in everyday business.

Why trust?

At previous QED conferences we were dealing with topics such as experimenting, creativity, harmony within organizations, etc. As the result we discovered that the lack of trust was the main obstacle why organizations aren’t reaching their full potential. Therefore, QED 2019 Conference will look into trust in everyday business, what happens when trust is among us, and what happens when it is lacking or undermined.

Trust is the cornerstone of personal and business relationships, partnerships agreements, team work, and lately in a large extent of technology itself. Do you think that in a few years you will be able to trust the artificial intelligence driving you on the highway at a speed of 130 km/h? Do your team members trust each other? Do you trust them? Do you build your relationship with partners and clients on mutual trust? Do you have trust in new business approaches and technologies? How to in fact build the trust? Where to start from?

Book your seat on time and join us on Lošinj because the best experts will answer you all these questions through lectures, workshops, open panels and practical examples from real life.


CROZ  is an IT consultancy based in Zagreb, Croatia. We are oriented at finance and public sector, as well as other enterprise environments. Our services include turn-key projects or professional services including education, consulting and implementation of the technology. Main areas of our expertise are: integrations, Cloud Native and DevOps and Data Engineering. CROZ’s team counts more than 200 employees located in Zagreb, Amsterdam, Belgrade and Austin, Texas. We are diverse and cross-functional, with brilliant software engineers, architects, testers, analysts and infrastructure experts.

CROZ  has organized the Quality in Enterprise Development (QED) conference from 2007.  Take a look how we were experimenting at last QED conference. 

For further information regarding the Quality in Enterprise Development Conference, please contact us at qed@croz.net.

Conference is supported by PMI Croatia association.

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