Pini Reznik

Pini Reznik is a Bachelor of Computer Science from Haddassah Collage in Jerusalem is the Founder and CTO of Container Solutions, a pan-European consultancy specializing in programmable infrastructure.

Pini is heavily involved in the container eco-system. Partnering with numerous vendors, including Cisco, he helped build numerous tools, including Minimesos, Mantl, the ELK stack for Apache Mesos and the Flocker Bridge for Mesos. Starting as a developer and moving through technical, managerial and consulting positions in Configuration Management and Operations areas, Pini acquired deep understanding of the software delivery processes and currently helping organisations around Europe with improving software delivery pipeline by introducing Docker and other cutting edge technologies.

Before founding Container Solutions, Pini worked for 15 years in a number of roles in both development and operations departments.

Why Cloud Native Transformation Isn't Easy?

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