Ivana Mandušić Hrupački

Ivana Mandušić Hrupački is a graduate economist with fifteen years of experience in the telecommunications industry, primarily in the field of product development in marketing, and then in the development of user support channels with an emphasis on digital user experience.

In her career, she led large teams and managed departments with over 120 employees, which brought her great experience in understanding the challenges that the changes bring and how people are engaging them. For the past two years, Ivana has worked as a Digital Transformation Manager in A1 Croatia, where she manages a cross-functional program through which she acquires and applies knowledge about new technologies and forms of work in large corporations, and has overviews of major changes that the digital transformation in the corporation brings. The projects she manages in the transformation program stretch from the introduction of robotization to the organization of hackathon, the conceptualization of internal and external Meet-Ups, the identification of new digital skills, the employer branding initiative, growth hacking and many others.

Also, for the past two years, Ivana has been leading an initiative to establish and pilot an agile mode of work in which currently works 12 teams. In addition, she also manages the Transition team, founded to eliminate obstacles tin agile teams, change processes and procedures, and ensure smooth operation and transition wherever possible.

Panel discussion: Trust in the time of transition

Monday, 12:40 - 13:25